June and July 2012

Keeping up with keeping up. Having started into our summer guest cycle.

Summer is really here.

Though today we have had some needed showers, for those that have gardens.

After a week of eighty plus weather in consession, its a small relief for those like myself that enjoy the cool breaks between the heated kisses summer bestows upon us here in the North West.


First up and presently happening is Olivia's Stick n' Poke fun day.

So far....she is 7 down...20+ to go.

What a fun and unique way to mark the day then with an original handpoked tattoo.

The wait is worth the while!


At  the end of June, Danny Boy came up for aweek and brought his beautiful girlfriend Rosie along to share our paradise here with her.

They took full advantage of our bicycle friendly city and put some good miles down figuring their way around town.

Between nailing out some epic tattooing, eating at many of our tasty restaurants, digging through our vintage stores and some site seeing, the time flew by too fast.

For a final epic moment, after missing their plane home, we jumped on the Motorcylces and road up to my local cemetery to enjoy a splendid view of the sun setting over the Willamette valley.

I missed them as soon as they left the city.

Til next time.


Riding the waves.

Fortune Tattoo has been included in some awesome projects this year.

We were included in Bob Baxter's Tattoo Road Trip book on tattoo shops around Oregon. The book is being published by Schiffer Book Publications and should be available for purchase sometime in 2013.

An entire day was spent with our clients here at Fortune while Bob took photos of their work.

We had a great time seeing the diversity our works in one room.

Bob also did small interviews with all the shop owners included in the book, so make sure to check them out on his site.

They are all well worth watching.

We will keep you posted on when the book comes out.

Oregon Represent!

"Alis Volat Propriis".

Also, Fortune Tattoo was included as one of  Matador Magazine's top twenty Iconic Tattoo shops in the world.

I had not done an interview for them, but was pleasantly surprised to see something nice being written about us by someone outside of our Tattoo community.

There are many good articles about other shops on this site, if you are wandering the globe and wish to know the short list to some places worth dropping into.

Olivia also participated in the Pretty Pretty collective down in SF. Hopefully I will be able to participate next year.

I have been in school this summer and have been nailed down to making my brain stretch a few new miles of synapsis growth.

It is a delight to know old dogs can learn new tricks.

I will try to get back to this and update more of our fun happenings.

Next on Track is Lisa Schmoldt and Matt Howse, Faerie Worlds, Seattle Tattoo Expo., among other history making events coming soon.