Deities from Los Angeles

This year 2013 began with my working on Tomoko and Charles from LA.tomoko#greentara#ms.mikki They came up for the holidays, to visit some family in Washington and spend some time with us here in Portland. I had started a version of Green Tara on Tomoko earlier this year and still had a ways to go on Charles' back. We were able to ring in the eve of 2013 by spending the day working on their pieces at Fortune.

Tomoko, and our friend Sandy and I used to be house mates in Los Angeles in the nineties. We had two houses on one lot in Los Feliz. Toonerville territory back then. I loved that little house. We made some epic history while living there. During this time, my friend Erika came and stayed with me for a bit while she refocused  her self and began fulfilling her future dreams. Somewhere in between here and there, Erika manifested a beautiful rendition of Quan Yin on Tomoko's back.

In an alternate reality, I met Charles a few years later down the road. Upon developing our friendship over the course of a few years and many miles covered on road trips with our bikes, we began his Mahakala back piece here in Portland. I had assumed Tomoko and Charles knew each other since we share so many mutual friends. Our friend Sandy and Erika being among them.

Reflecting now, on how many times we were at the same shows together, or at parties in various cities. It is truly bizarre they had not been introduced already. Then on one shameless LA night, Sandy invited the both of them to an art exhibit where they finally met formally. A few months later at one of Erika's memorable anniversary parties celebrating the success of her tattoo shop they became an official couple. I love these small world synchronicities. It seems love flickered its tender flame towards their hearts and left a lasting impression. I am happy to say, they are a loving, healthy, considerate couple that I am grateful to have as friends. These two ships had passed each other on so many nights and in the same waters of life in Los Angeles without ever making contact. It took some Deities to bring the lamp of love to show them the way. Many blessings to the both of them on this wondrous union. *Update. They became officially engaged in Paris this past April. Woot.