Fortune Tattoo opened April 1, 2010.

After many years of working for other people, running their shops, managing their shop affairs and or just being one of the tattooers on someone else's crew.

I finally felt it was time to open my own shop. I had held out becoming a shop owner mostly because I was not ready for the commitment of setting down in one spot. Most of my life I wanted the freedom to come and go without the responsibilities that are attached to owning a shop. Finally, I decided it was time to let some roots grow. Fortune Tattoo is the end result of all my shop experience. The shop was designed to accommodate our artists as well as our clients needs. It is a propitious space in which to flourish, undergo personal transformation and make great tattoos. I am grateful to everyone that collectivily participated in making Fortune Tattoo become a reality".
- Ms. Mikki, owner/artist

And of course, many many thanks to our clients for their loyal support and their boundless, inspirational ideas.


1716 East Burnside, Portland, OR 97214
ph: 503-234-7071

Open Wednesday through Sunday (12pm - 8pm)
Closed (Monday - Tuesday)